Why Optimize a Website?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
When you have a website for your company, you wish to increase the traffic to the website and turn the visitors into potential customers. Every step you take while working on the website has a direct relation with the number of visitors your website will attract. You have to keep in mind that by putting in the information is not the only thing that would attract the visitors, you need to do something more than that. If you go for search engine optimization, your dream of directing more traffic to the website can well turn into a reality. Website optimization will enhance the overall quality of your website.

There is a common myth about the website optimization process in the minds of people. It says that this process is beneficial only for those websites that are not popular with the people and have less in-flowing traffic. But the statement is incorrect because the process of optimization works to transform your website and make you earn greater revenue. This is the best way to publicize your website to more number of people and making it more search engine friendly. When you optimize your website, it will rank higher on the search engines and the visitors will be able to find it easily.

Website optimization includes usage of keywords creatively and putting in credible information. This will make the visitors

like your website and they would go on to recommend it to their friends, thereby increasing the traffic. If the website has more traffic that means it will rank higher on the search engine lists. Once you have increased traffic, you can add on other special features to your website and cash on the benefits of increased traffic.

When you have an optimized website, you have more chances of turning the visitors into prospective customers. With the number of visitors, the authority of your website would also rise. It would eventually become a better paying source for you. This is why more people are opting for website optimization. It is good to understand the benefits of the process and make the best use of it.

Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Have you come across the concept of earning easy money online? With the advent of Internet it has become very easy for people to earn money online. They can do so from the comfort of a chair without having to go out in the scorching heat of the sun. There are many ways to make money online. So, let us have a look at the easy ways where you can earn money without any trouble with the help of the Internet.

Easiest way to earn money
The easiest way to earn money online is to start your very own niche business. The earlier concept of niche business has seen a dramatic change over the years. It is because of the Internet that helped to create niche domination. One can go for earning a substantial amount of money by selling services online. The services might be anything starting from a pet or flower shop to online photo shop. There can be a great hit to your business online if you are able to succeed in marketing with lots of research.

Common ways to earn money
You can go for promoting your products with the help of good and effective marketing online. The common ways in which you can go for earning money online are - affiliate programs, selling your own products (eg: ebay), paid surveys or even MLM opportunity. It is best if you have a website that would help you in providing a global presence online.

Building healthy relationships online
It is very important that you go forward in building relationships with your prospects. For example you can go for using an auto responder which would help you in updating your customers automatically. What's more,

it would also help in automatically update your potential customers as well about the product that you offer. You can also go for using a web blog that would help a lot in learning about the products that you sell online.

Distributing business articles online
Then there is another way where you can go for earning money online and that is by distributing business articles with the help of article submission sites. You can go for sending free articles with the use of viral marketing sites and also address customers by sending them teaser emails as well. It is important to know that you can go for promoting the average sale rates with the help of high traffic websites. You can promote newsletters sign up pages as well. Another technique by which you can earn money online is with the help of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Here you can get good money when your advertisement gets a top position in Yahoo, Google and other search engines.

You should also note that all home based business might not be successful as it might not make a good impact on the market. It is very important that you go for applying proper strategy as well as utilization of opportunities so that you go for getting the best results.

PR for Small Businesses

Marketing for any small business is essential, and, of all of the forms of marketing available including advertising, direct marketing and Internet marketing, an effective public relations campaign remains the only form of marketing that can reach a target market and offer credibility and validation. Think about it, if you were to read an ad for a small business in a newspaper, or read an article about that same business where the owner was featured discussing his or her product or service and being presented as an expert, which would grab your attention? My bet is the article.

In the Internet world, the ways you can utilize PR have changed, but the basics of an effective public relations campaign remains the same. It all comes down to your stories. Effective PR is about effective story telling. How can your business reflect your uniqueness? By integrating who you are with what you do. To accomplish this, you need to understand how to capitalize on your unique abilities to help make your business grow and differentiate it from your competitors.

Never before have people been able to share information on such a global scale and with such dizzying speed. Along with newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the Internet, more and more avenues of communication are becoming available. In many ways, media is magic-it is modern day alchemy.

View your business as a living, breathing being. You gave it life and it needs guidance and structure. Determine where you want the business to go. Start defining your business, your image and your message. Now, what about taking your message to hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of potential clients and/or customers? How? Two words: public relations. This is something you can attempt on your own, but if you can afford it you can seek out the professionals for help. They know the business, have the contacts and in the long run, can save you time and money. Our PR firm has represented hundreds of small businesses and has placed clients in a wide range of local and national media outlets including Time, USA Today, Oprah, the Today Show, People, the Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other media outlets. Each company we’ve worked with has had a unique story. Your job is to find yours.

Through public relations, small businesses can compete with the big boys. It’s possible to do an interview in the morning and have a story saturate the nation by lunchtime. Effective media placement and public relations can legitimize, validate, sell products, bring in clients, forge new alliances, bring you in contact with benefactors you never knew existed, and take you into the offices, boardrooms and even bedrooms of the most powerful people in the world.

Whether you run an established business, are starting a new venture, or serve as a consultant, an effective PR campaign can help build your business or company. So, take some time to define your business and your message. Develop your stories; discover what is newsworthy about your business. Now launch a PR campaign, take your stories to the media and prepare for success.

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What Buyers Need To Know About The Car DVD, 6 Questions You Must Answer In Car DVD Player Listings

Almost everybody knows the rule of 10 when it comes to word of mouth.

The happy customer tells one person while the dissatisfied customer will let 10 people know about the bad service they have received.

Nowhere else in the field of ecommerce is this more important than when trading car DVD players. The average car stereo DVD doesn't only attract the person who wants to do the car DVD installation itself, it also involves a whole lot of specific data which plays an important part in how well the car DVD player will work in the car.

It's too late to tell the customer in responses to their questions after they have bought the car DVD from you. You need to give them the right information before they even think about making a purchase.

**So what exactly do you NEED to tell customers before they even make a decision about buying a car DVD from you?**

It is absolutely essential that you cover the following things in your listing:
The file formats and discs it plays
The exact size of the player
The condition of the player
The TV signals it is compatible with
The inputs and outputs it has
The voltage the car DVD operates in

So why do you need to list these things and exactly how do you do it?

*The file formats and discs
The days of there being two or three formats and two or three disc types are over. Nowadays people expect the car DVD to be able to handle CD-R CD-RW and VCD discs.

The formats the in car DVD handles are important too, especially with the increased number of people downloading material from the internet and sharing files.

List each disc type separately and separate out video, audio and picture formats to make it clear to your potential customers what the automotive DVD can do and what it can't do.

A good example might be:
Discs: DVD, CD, VCD
Formats Played:
- Video Formats: AVI, DIVX
- Audio Formats: MP3, WMA
- Picture Formats: JPEG, GIF

*The exact size of the player
A common misconception about the car DVD player is that it just comes in two sizes: 1 DIN and 2 DIN.

In fact, the Deutsches Institut für Normung system just refers to the width and height of the unit and the depth of a player can vary a great deal. Not only that but some car DVDs have an extremely large face plate which could obstruct/be obstructed by other elements in the dash.

As a result it is always a good idea to list exactly what the dimensions are for everything on the player
A good example might be:
Dimensions: L:162 x W:178 x H:100 (mm): Length with front panel = 181 (mm)

*The condition of the player
Are you selling a new car DVD player? Is it reconditioned? Does it have any cosmetic damage?

These are not only vital pieces of information which could mean the difference between happy customers and angry customers they can actually get you kicked off many online auction sites if you get them wrong.

*The TV signals it is compatible with
TV functionality is an important feature for many people who have automotive DVD players because many people fit it in their car to A ensure they don't miss their favorite shows, B put on the TV to keep the passengers in the back entertained.

However different regions in the world use different TV signals with some using analog signals like PAL, NTSC or SECAM and others making the switch to digital with signals like DVB, ATSC and ISDB.

If you say that the DVD player for the car can play TV signals and the customer has to ask which signals it takes you've probably already lost the sale.

A good example might be:
DVB-T Digital TV
- Country presets for England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, China, Holland, Australia

*The Inputs And Outputs It Has
The car DVD player is more than a glorified stereo that just shows movies these days. It is a hub which can accept information from peoples iPods, USB sticks or SD cards; help people reverse safer, and - in the case of in dash car DVD players - feed video and sound footage to screens and speakers in the back of the car.

As a result you must tell people what they can plug in and what feeds go out so they know exactly what type of hub they are getting.

A good way to show this is as follows:
Media Inputs / Outputs
- SD/MMC card slot for GPS SD card or SD card with media files
- DVD/CD disc drive
- iPod input (front)
- Mini-USB input (front)
- Aux IN (front)
- Reverse camera input (rear)

*The Voltage The Car DVD Player Operates In
This is more important for older cars (especially diesel cars) but not all cars work on the same voltage. Some were 24 volts while others were 12. Nowadays all new models of cars come out in 12 volts which make things nice and easy for car DVD installation.

However putting the voltage the DVD player for the car operates in is important as not doing so could result in a short, which would lead to your customers' brand new automotive DVD not working at all, or working at a lower voltage and not working as well as it should.

Only by giving customers the information they need in your listing will you be able t o guarantee a happy customer at the end of the day.

In this way your popularity will be increased as a seller and more customers will be attracted to your listings.

Why Article Marketing Is Good For Your Internet Home Business

Article marketing is known as one of the best methods to market your internet home business online. Marketing with articles is very easy to understand and to follow. You search for keywords to focus on, get an idea, write your article or a couple of articles, create a signature file and submit this article to article directories, newsletters and your blog.

Many of the new internet marketer try to avoid using article marketing to promote their new internet home business, one of the reasons is that they find it hard to wrote article on a regular basis, they do not know what to write about or they think they do not have what it takes to become an online writer. However most internet marketer do write article at some point and it will become easier the more they write.

The reasons all internet marketers write article in the long run is because
they realized the importance of article marketing and that article marketing is good for their internet home business.

1. When writing articles, you present yourself as an expert in your field. The more articles you write on one subject you will be more familiar with it. If you write good article, informative article, article which answer your readers' problems, and if you do it over an over again, you will build an audience for your article. Your readers will come back for more, and sooner or later not just for your article, but for your opinion too.

2. Writing article and publishing them will build your credibility. Now people know you as an expert in your field and will come to you for advice. It is important to build credibility. Sometimes it is important to market your product but yourself. In article marketing you are first selling yourself and then you are selling a product. A good article with a good resource box will sell you first and only they sell the rest.

3. Marketing with articles is good for building backlinks to your website. When you are using article marketing you can promote your internet business with the resource box. In the resource box you can write a few things about yourself and about your business, and add a couple of links to your website, blog or affiliate programs. (Some article directories do allow affiliate links and some only allow a link to your main website. You will have to read each directory rules before submitting). The links in your resource box will help building your backlinks. More article means more submissions, and more submissions means more backlinks. If you want to generate as many backlinks as possible, one of the best ways is to find an article submission service and submit to multiple directories with one click.

If you combine all these reasons together you will notice that article marketing is good for you internet home business and by using it correctly your efforts are generating more traffic, if it's the backlinks your are building or the expert name you are building for yourself, all ends up to generate more traffic to your website or to your blog. This traffic can be transform now to buying customers, returning visitors, new leads to your internet newsletter, ending up making more sales and earning money online.

How to Make Money by Promoting Affiliate Products

Do you want to make money by promoting affiliate products? If yes then this article is for you. There are many ways of promoting an affiliate product. Let`s have a look on them one by one.

1. One of the most widely used ways of promoting affiliate products is article marketing. For this you have to write high quality articles related to the product you are promoting. At the end of the article you can attach a link which will guide the reader to your website. Article marketing is effective if you write a specific number of articles per day. As the number of the articles will increase, the affiliate revenue will also increase.

2. The second method which is used for promoting affiliate products is PPC. PPC stands for pay per click advertising. The ads appear along right hand side and top of search pages. Advertiser has to pay if somebody
clicks on their ads. The payment is based on per click basis.

3. Some affiliate marketers love to use classified ads to promote their product. There are many classified websites which are free of cost and posting ads does not take so much time as compared to article writing.

4. Another way of promoting affiliate product is through social media websites like facebook and Myspace. These websites are a great place for finding new clients but you don`t have to spammy. Just try to help people and you will definitely get good results.

There are many other resources which can help you in making through affiliate marketing. It is a good idea to find a good ebook or you can spend time on internet. There are many good websites and blogs which provide much valuable information related to internet marketing.

Adsense Tips-What To Do For Top Results And What You Must Avoid

Adsense tips include not only how to identify and take advantage of the possibilities of this innovative program originated by Google, but what activities are precluded by strict adherence to the program rules. Since Google has the ability to remove the rights of marketers to take advantage of the program based on obeying the rules, entrepreneurs are well advised to stay within the guidelines. Obviously if a web site abusing Adsense program techniques causes the business web site to be shut down by Google, it can cause tremendous loss of revenue. It may be difficult or impossible to reactivate a site
that has been shut down.

Sell a Product Not an Ad

Adsense administrators will not allow the practice of web sites that are set up for the sole purpose of listing and promoting ads for products. One of the easiest Adsense tips to comprehend is to sell the product, not the ad in your marketing efforts. Use insightful and interesting content and present it in a way that will grab the attention of the reader. Failure to follow this tip can lead to the shutdown of your web site quickly. If you focus on how best to sell the product, rather than how to make the most money with ads, you will not run afoul of Adsense administrators.

Stay With the Theme

One of the smart Adsense tips is to stay with the theme of the website when you place the adwords. The words should be incorporated into the content of the web page, both in terms of the subject of the information on the web site and the general look or theme of the web page. In other words, if you use a particular font for everything on the web site, your adwords should be the same font. The same concept applies to the style, color and writing style.

Make Each Web Site Count

When you set up a web site for the purpose of a marketing campaign, take advantage of the many Adsense tips to increase your overall revenue level. You should focus on one subject per web site and work on building excellent content on that web site. By taking advantage of traffic building activities, you can have an increase in visitors who are interested in the information that you have developed and presented on your web site. Keywords associated with the web page content help to improve product revenue.

Rein in your Expectations

Another of the effective Adsense tips is to avoid attempting too much because you want to get rich quick. It is a mistake to open web site after web site in the hopes of earning a fortune in Adsense revenues from each one. In fact, it is better to focus only on as many sites as you can adequately take care of. Each site should have your best keywords presented in a solid content that will attract the maximum number of visitors. Rein in the expectations of becoming an overnight millionaire and use your energy to improve the quality of your Adsense campaign.

Start An Internet Home Business and Add a Shot Into Your Bank Account

With the threat of a recession looming ever larger an increasing number of people are looking for other ways to make extra income. Many people find that starting a home business on the internet is one way of getting some extra money into their bank account. You only have to do a quick search to find that plenty of people advocate the internet as a great way of doing business and making money.

The rise of the internet, especially over the last ten years has made it much easier for people to earn an extra income online. Every day new websites are appearing and depending on how seriously the individual takes their home business, it isn’t too long before that person starts to see the fruit of their labors. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels to see the first bit of money come in from your home business.

There are a number of ways for people to get started on a home internet business. Many people choose to start with becoming an affiliate for certain products. A lot of internet businesses have been so successful that their owners decide to recruit others and pay a substantial amount of commission to affiliates. Some internet businesses provide their affiliates with a lot of help and information in setting up

their own website and promoting the products. This is a good way of getting started on an internet business as you have the benefits of somebody else’s experience.

When people find success as an affiliate they may often recruit others and pay them some of the commission that they would receive. Once the recruit has their business up and running then the first affiliate also starts to make more money. Money earned in this way is often referred to as passive income as there is no direct relationship between the money that a person earns and the work they do to receive it. A lot of people get started this way and find success with their internet business.

Getting a website and building yourself an online presence is only the beginning because you have to decide whether you are going to concentrate solely on affiliate business or whether you are going to develop your own product as well. A good number of people use both their own products and some affiliate links as this provides them with more ways of making money. Some website owners also sign up for Google adsense accounts and make some money when visitors click on those adds, however, you are unlikely to get rich with Google, it’s just another way of getting a little bit of unearned income into your account.

The success of your internet business depends very much on how much traffic you get to your website and whether that traffic is especially interested in what you have to offer. Most seasoned internet business people will tell you that it is worth spending at least some money on Google ad words while you are trying to find out what terms people use to find a particular product – once that is determined it is much easier to attract those visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.

How to be fascinatingly YOU!

I once read a fascinating, but all too realistic, story about a woman who opened her closet door and out tumbled various pieces of sporting equipment and memorabilia.

While these possessions represented the last decade of her life, she did not realize until putting them all away that she felt no connection to anything in her closet. You see, this poor woman had put aside her own interests for the hobbies of a long line of significant others. Standing before her newly straightened shelves, she recalled relationships with Partner A in the water skis, Partner B in the bicycle helmet, and Partner C with a paintball gun. She asked herself, “How could I have given up so much of myself so that nothing in my closet reflects my own interests?”

My simple answer is that she had a desire to fit in and be accepted. It’s a pretty safe bet that if a woman wants to become her partner’s ideal mate, she only needs to transform herself into that person. And it happens … again, and again, and again.

Still, we wonder, what does this cost her? And, is it fair to her significant other? Maybe, most importantly, we need to recognize that following this plan of action leads her to never finding a true ideal mate.

Like many of my coaching clients, I was raised with the unspoken messages of not asking for too much, and not being too vocal about my strengths. As a result, this upbringing and my need to be accepted after my divorce found me dating men who did not require much from their partner. At the same time, they did not offer much, either.

If you were looking for your ideal partner today, would you really be interested in someone whose only goal was to become your vision of a good mate? Would you want to spend time with someone who presented himself one way, but after the curtain was drawn, you saw something much different? Whether the person is a significant other or a female acquaintance, isn’t this image a little unsettling?

I do not believe most women are trying to fool a mate with smoke and mirrors, but I do fear that many transform their lives to match their partner’s because they do not yet know who they are, what their likes and dislikes are, or how to measure their goals and values.

A staggering number of women in my divorce workshops say, “I’ve given so much to my ex-husband and the family that I feel like I’m left with nothing. I couldn’t even tell you my favorite color, or what I want for dinner.” My heart immediately goes out to these women because years ago, their words were mine.

Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places. A few weeks ago, while preparing for an appearance on an Orlando news program, I had to confront my comfortable pattern of downplaying my strengths. In the length of a short guest feature, I had to explain the ways I help women, and why I am good at my work. This moment was significant for me, and one I will remember every time I find myself wanting to go back to that old habit of not being true to myself.

You can win in relationships and business by authentically knowing and being who you are, using the skills you bring to the table, and having a level of comfort that allows for flexibility and change.

Women shortchange themselves by jumping into relationships before taking the time to fully discover and appreciate themselves. They do not stop to think about the characteristics they desire in a partner.

Are you looking for your ideal relationship?

Surprise—it all begins with being authentically you.

What Every Advert Must Know About Advertising

There are many truths to be found about advertising. In fact, whoever you are talking with would tell you about so many things that you should do and not do in order for you to have a successful marketing campaign. So let us start with some of the truths and myths that every advert should know to effectively run an ad.

The only bad advertising is no advertising.
Myth or Truth?

There is no such thing as no advertising actually. Advertising is all about trying to sell something, be it a product, a service, or even a response or action on the part of your target audience. It is therefore conclusive that when you are in business, you must have advertised even once to make a sale. That’s why you are in business anyway – to sell, first and foremost.

So, of course not. Bad advertising is bad advertising. Even if you use the most expensive color printing technology to produce your ad, if it does not result to your main purpose for doing it, then that is a bad advert. No doubt about it. Advertising that does not make a sale is
bad advertising.

Repetition – Again and Again.
Myth or Truth?

To make an impact, you need to advertise repeatedly and continuously. Is it a myth or is it actually true? Contrary to what you might think, it is advisable to repeat your advert – especially if that advertising campaign works. It is beneficial for you to repeat your ad for more than six to eight times. As studies proved it, it takes about the 6th to the 8th exposure to your ads before a prospect becomes a definite buyer. And if it happens sooner than the 6th time, then good for you! It is a rare occurrence indeed that a sale can be had that quickly.

However, the magic word is works. It must have an effect on your target market. If not, then what is the use of repeating it?

A bad advert is a bad advert, no matter how you put it.
Myth or Truth?

No matter how much you repeat your advertising campaign, if it did not work the first few times then it would not work at all. The first run that you may have had a bad advert may be just the circumstance at that time. Or that it was not the right opportunity when you sent it out to your target market. The second time, well, it might still have a fighting chance. But if it is not performing at all on the third try, or
fourth, then you should abandon all efforts because it would not improve at all. Repeating your advert would just be a waste of your time, money and energy.

On the other hand, if on the first few times your advert worked its wonders, then you should keep it running. Repeat your effective color printing ad until you have reached the point in your sales that says your marketing campaign needs to stop. As long as you see an increase in your sales, just keep it running.

Size matters.
Myth or Truth?

It is true that size does matter. But you also have to consider that it has to have a great design too. It is true that in order for you to attract your target readers’ attention, bigger adverts have more
chances. As expert marketers would tell you, if you want to stand out, your ad should dominate. And how else can you do that if not for your large size ads? However, it won’t also matter one bit that your ad is as big as Godzilla if it is poorly designed. Small adverts that are carefully planned will always do better than the big ones without the oomph.

The 7 secret keys to wealth - Key #7: Compound Interest.

This article is one out of seven that I wrote about wealth. The whole series contain a lot of free valuable information about key factors that can help you become wealthy. The rich do things in a different way. That difference is the one I want to explain here. Let's scrutinize together these strategies that can make you more money and help you boost your income.

The whole series contain the following articles . . .

1. Add Value.

2. The Multiple Streams of Income.

3. Passive Income.

4. Residual Profits.

5. Leverage.

6. Specialization.

7. Compound Interest.

Here I will refer to the magic of compound interest. This is the last article on a series that I wrote about wealth. Compound interest is one of the greatest wonders ever discovered by humans. It works like magic. Albert Einstein himself was amazed at the results.

I will give you a few examples for you to start thinking. Let's say that you discover a method to double your money every day without risk. So, you get a penny and invest it. Next day you have two pennies. You invest those two cents. The third day you have four cents and you invest them again. You keep doing this for thirty days and at the end of that time you will have $10,737,418.24.

That's close to eleven million dollars within thirty days starting with one measly penny investment! Do you see why I say that this is an amazing discovery.

There is a legend about the origins of the game of chess. The story tells about a king who was bored to death because he had seen everything and nothing satisfied him. Then one day a man appeared on his kingdom and asked to see the king. The king had offered a reward to anyone who showed something fun to him that made him change his mood.

This man showed the king how to play chess. He compared the game to a battle between kings and showed him the rules. The king was so happy with this fun game that he offered the man anything he wanted from his kingdom. It could be gold, land, anything.

Then the man said: "Your majesty, I only want two bags of wheat for the first square of this game board, double that amount for the next square, double that amount for the third, until the 64th. The king said: "No problem. I am one of the richest kings of the world." He asked the managers of the palace to give the man what he was asking for.

They made a few quick calculations and said: "your majesty, with all your respect, even if we could sow the entire Earth and leave no space to walk on it, there wouldn't be enough wheat in the world to pay the amount this man is asking for."

He had just showed the king another marvelous thing. He had just showed him the mystery of compound interest. This is how investors become rich. This is what I tell you about in my other articles on this series where I mention the phrase of increasing your profits exponentially. Also I call it getting ever increasing multiple streams of passive income.

Some sources of income are completely passive like some liquid investments. Of course, investors also spend time conducting researches so they can make wisest decisions, but compared to other sources of profits, these are virtually completely passive. Some people become rich by using compound interest alone. They invest their money and double it over time. Then they invest it again and again and again until their nest egg grows very big.

Unfortunately there is no known method to double your money every day, nor every week, and I don't know of any method either that you could use to double your money every month without risk. In fact it is as the saying goes: "no risk, no reward." Often the higher the reward, the higher the risk.

Anyway, compound interest is so amazing that if you can double your money every two months and you start with $1,000, you will have over $4,000,000 in about two years. Even if you could double your money every 3 - 5 months, you would be able to retire rich, (even if you start with a ridiculous low amount) within a few years.

People risk their shirt on the financial markets. They offer a chance to young investors to risk it with the side effect that if they make it, they make it. Unfortunately most people lose their shirt on the financial markets. The reason is simple. They approach the markets with a gambling mentality instead of a trading mentality.

Even traders lose money from time to time. Compounding your investments could be very risky. It is a dangerous strategy. Other fields seem more secure but if I choose to compound my investments on the financial markets I better make sure I understand that I can lose it all quickly.

Throughout the years I have seen the following environment taking place. If I expect to make a lot of money quickly, I lose. If I expect to make a little at a time, I make a lot in the long run. What do experienced investors do? They combine aggressive investments with those that seem more secure. They diversify just in case.

Anyway, one important rule about investing and compound interest in general is to start early in life. The earlier you start, the greatest your chance to make a lot in the long run. The problem is that the majority of people can't stand to save something today to get it back in ten years. When you are young, you just want to live your life, have fun, enjoy.

Also young people may have less money than those who are already advanced in their careers. But then, once you start to change your mind and you have the money to invest, it is already a little late. As you can see on the graphic above the secret is to start early. The earlier you start the less money you need to invest.

Some investments are safer than others from my point of view, but I can't advice you of anyone particularly. You have to do your own research. It is your decision. In fact it is your decision whether to invest or not to invest at all. I simply wanted to show you how amazing this concept of compound interest is. This is certainly one of the 7 secret keys to wealth. By the way, now it is not a secret anymore, because you know about it.

I hope this article have been helpful to you. You can read my other articles about this subject on my website if you have not done so already. These seven articles contain key aspects that usually make people rich. But it is not the information what changes lives, it is the attitude. When your attitude and choices start to change, things around you start to change also.

So You Want Financial Freedom?

It was only months later that his words begin to really sink it. It all made sense when I begin to reflect what he said back then. I can succinctly recall the advice he was sharing to this very day as surely as I can remember the level of enthusiasm received by my colleagues (whom I now regard as bosom friends). They simply returned to their busy experimental routine. Thankfully, I kept it all in my mental hard disc drive.

His very first advice was this: It is not how much you earn that matters; it is how much you save. I cannot stress the truthfulness in this old sage advice that many indeed take for grant, or do not realise. There are many real life examples from people whom I know - as well as those whom I do not directly know, how this is all so true. I know a working family housewife who works to earn a salary that is considered humble in today's standards. Yet, from the little savings that she puts aside, she is eventually able to buy a middle-class home and live comfortably, even support their children. Her perseverance had paid off.

As important as the first advice is, awareness about what constitutes your personal liabilities is the next natural step. More often than not, credit cards and line-of-credit offerings by financial institutions are the biggest source of robbing your wealth. I call these daylight robbers. That is because their high interest rates insidiously rob you of your hard-earned money slowly but surely, over the months and years, in all your approved consent, and the legitimate realization that come in the form of bank statements. One has to learn to manage his own finances in the first steps before he can ever hope to manage more.

Once the basic financial groundwork is set, one can then hope to expand further. Having two jobs would help. I was at first surprised how that can be done without losing your social life, and time to be spent with your family or loved ones. It was when I learnt about the concept of passive income that I fully understood. Passive income is income you receive without physically ever need to be at the job. This can come in the form of real estate, investments, commodities trading in shares and stocks, or more popularly, internet marketing or businesses.

So what about achieving the status of financial freedom? Although a source in Wikipedia I once read puts $9 million dollars to be the amount that one needs to be truly privileged or accorded with that status, it is a largely relative term. Simply put, monetary freedom is not measured in dollars. It is a situation in your life where you never have to work for money again, or worry about how to make more in your lifetime. This is the universal opinion: Financial freedom is achieved when one makes passive income large enough that it overtakes what one earns in his primary job, so much so that he no longer need the latter.

The road towards financial freedom is an arduous journey that require one's personal evaluation of his financial status in the very first instance. After which, it is only by harnessing the power of passive income can one ever hope to achieve it in his lifetime.

By: Marcus Alphaeus-Lee

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Could You Benefit From A Work At Home Job?

What I am going to show you is why you could be a perfect match for one of the least known work at home jobs available today.

First let's answer the question of why you might want to work at home:

Spend more time with your children
You have a spouse whose job requires frequent moves
You are retired and need some supplemental income
Your disability makes it difficult to work outside the home
You prefer not to deal with people in person
You live in a remote area

This list just scratches the surface of why you might want to enjoy the benefits of working from home.

But how can you earn income working from home? What if you do not have the qualifications needed for all those jobs you have read about?

The answer is easy. You can learn how to make money online with just basic computer skills. You do NOT need any up front money and you can work at your own pace.

Sound interesting?

What if I told you that there are people out there right now making from just a little extra spending money all the way up to six figure annual incomes and everything in between? What if I also told you that many of those people are just like you?

I am comfortable saying that because there is such a wide cross section of people who are making an income online who started with no special skills, received no special training and did not have two nickels to rub together when they started.

All you need is a little bit of step by step instruction and some encouragement. The process is easy. In fact, the process that I use is a four step plan that I typically spread out over a four day period.

Then rinse and repeat, as they say.

It is not that difficult, but it would make too long of an article to tell you everything here.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words; then what is a video worth? How much is 15 hours of video worth? When I got started in my work at home job I found that I could learn a lot easier by watching than from reading.

Online Business Broker: Stress Free Help Selling Your Business

You've spent several months, perhaps years, putting everything you have into building a thriving, high-demand online business and now you have decided to sell your baby.

Thousands of businesses change hands everyday, oddly enough the channels you can use to get maximum price and exposure for your online business are extremely limited.

You have a few options:

  1. Ebay. It's perhaps the biggest venue for listing and finding new businesses forsale, but you have to be concerned over the quality of sites listed on eBay. For every quality site listed there are at least 100 crappy, low-priced, cookie-cutter sites that can put the wrong impression in the minds of your prospects.
  2. Classified pay-per-listing sites. The leading online business listing site is http://www.buysellwebsites.com run by experienced professional Nelson Bates. This is a super service for sites under $50,000 with proven results and proven demand. A great technique for lower-priced sites, but perhaps not the right option for the site you want to get maximum exposure and price for.
  3. Experienced and Focused Business Broker. You've invested heavily in your online business. A professional can help you through the sometimes complex tasks of placing a price on your business, getting it in front of the "right" buyers, helping to separate the tire kickers from serious buyers and take your deal to an optimal close.

Online business brokers can...

  1. Get more money for your site
  2. Get your site exposed to buyers with money
  3. Reduce your stress by only putting you in touch with serious buyers
  4. Handling the paperwork and forms associated with securely selling your high-value online business
  5. Handling the uncomfortable "selling" role for you - you just decide which deal to accept
  6. Let you move on to other things, confident that your online business is being represented by the best
  7. Help you through an emotional process - they will be your rock through the entire process
  8. Give you the benefit of experience closing many deals, something most sellers do not have
  9. Open up new markets and opportunities you may not have even thought of yet
  10. Help you wade through legal, tax and regulatory issues that can be quite intimidating.

What To Look For In An Online Business Broker

Finding a great business broker can make a massive difference to the success of selling your online business, getting the value you deserve.

Here are 4 characteristics to watch out for:

  1. Experience with selling businesses. This one tops the list. Skillful business brokers have spent years mastering the art of negotiation and undersatnding the market. If you are selling an online business, then it is even more important that you find a specialized online business broker, someone who understands getting maximum price for internet-based businesses.
  2. Proven Reputation. You want someone who has a rock-solid reputation with years of experience helping sell businesses. The ideal online business broker will have sold hundreds of online businesses already and can point out some specific examples.
  3. Great Communicator. Selling your business can be a lengthy and detailed process, in order to get the most out of your online business broker, they need to be a great communicator - it's absolutely necessary.
  4. Must Ensure Your Confidentiality. You can't afford to have your customers, partners and competitors know that you are about to sell your business. Look for a broker that guarantees confidentiality using appropriate protection forms every step of the way.
  5. Specialize. Focus on a business broker that understands your type of business. Just as you wouldn't go to foot specialist about your stomach problem, you want to make sure you find a broker that specializes in online business.

Finally, you can take the stress out of selling your online business by using an experienced, professional online business broker. Don't leave the sale of your business to chance, consider consulting your very own online business broker today.

How To Start Making Money With A Home Business Idea

Do you have a home business idea? A home based business idea is only the first step. To go from an idea to actually working from home and making money, requires a few extra steps. In this article, you will soon discover more.

In this article, you will find:
* Why Having A Good Home Business Idea Is Essential
* Evaluating Your Home Business Idea For Maximum Success
* Getting Started In Your Own Work From Home - Home Based Business

* Why Having A Good Home Business Idea Is Essential
A good idea can make you a billionaire! A bad business idea can sit on the ground and not do much! It has been seen throughout history, people come up with great ideas, and when implemented, produces immense rewards.

Having a good business idea is only the beginning, and there is so much more to succeeding with your idea. For example the Coca Cola story is one that is amazing to me. The inventor sold the recipe for a small sum.

Now look at Coca Cola! The person who bought Coca Cola added the magic ingredient, and took it to the world. When Coca Cola first started, it was a tonic, a health product, instead by adding sugar and carbon dioxide, transformed it into a drink that I am sure every person in the world has heard of!

* Evaluating Your Home Business Idea For Maximum Success
We have heard time and time again that ideas a worth a dime a dozen. Ideas can come from many sources. The truth is that for the most part, when we have an idea, we think it is the best, we think it will work with immense success.

So the enterprising person starts, and finds stumbling blocks. Here is the true way to know how good your idea is, and that is to do market research. Is there demand for what you have? Does it solve problems? These questions are essential to be asked and answered.

* Getting Started In Your Own Work From Home - Home Based Business
Now that you have an idea, it is time to create a vision. What do you really want? Knowing what you want is essential as it will help mold and make your actions to conform to your vision.

Starting your own home based business is not the easiest of things to do. This is especially so when you are starting with your own home business idea. You need to factor in time for planning, and getting the ball rolling.

If you have an idea for a widget, it must be manufactured, either by yourself or by a 3rd party. Overall, this takes time and needs money investment. You may need to get financing for your home business idea.