What Every Advert Must Know About Advertising

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
There are many truths to be found about advertising. In fact, whoever you are talking with would tell you about so many things that you should do and not do in order for you to have a successful marketing campaign. So let us start with some of the truths and myths that every advert should know to effectively run an ad.

The only bad advertising is no advertising.
Myth or Truth?

There is no such thing as no advertising actually. Advertising is all about trying to sell something, be it a product, a service, or even a response or action on the part of your target audience. It is therefore conclusive that when you are in business, you must have advertised even once to make a sale. That’s why you are in business anyway – to sell, first and foremost.

So, of course not. Bad advertising is bad advertising. Even if you use the most expensive color printing technology to produce your ad, if it does not result to your main purpose for doing it, then that is a bad advert. No doubt about it. Advertising that does not make a sale is
bad advertising.

Repetition – Again and Again.
Myth or Truth?

To make an impact, you need to advertise repeatedly and continuously. Is it a myth or is it actually true? Contrary to what you might think, it is advisable to repeat your advert – especially if that advertising campaign works. It is beneficial for you to repeat your ad for more than six to eight times. As studies proved it, it takes about the 6th to the 8th exposure to your ads before a prospect becomes a definite buyer. And if it happens sooner than the 6th time, then good for you! It is a rare occurrence indeed that a sale can be had that quickly.

However, the magic word is works. It must have an effect on your target market. If not, then what is the use of repeating it?

A bad advert is a bad advert, no matter how you put it.
Myth or Truth?

No matter how much you repeat your advertising campaign, if it did not work the first few times then it would not work at all. The first run that you may have had a bad advert may be just the circumstance at that time. Or that it was not the right opportunity when you sent it out to your target market. The second time, well, it might still have a fighting chance. But if it is not performing at all on the third try, or
fourth, then you should abandon all efforts because it would not improve at all. Repeating your advert would just be a waste of your time, money and energy.

On the other hand, if on the first few times your advert worked its wonders, then you should keep it running. Repeat your effective color printing ad until you have reached the point in your sales that says your marketing campaign needs to stop. As long as you see an increase in your sales, just keep it running.

Size matters.
Myth or Truth?

It is true that size does matter. But you also have to consider that it has to have a great design too. It is true that in order for you to attract your target readers’ attention, bigger adverts have more
chances. As expert marketers would tell you, if you want to stand out, your ad should dominate. And how else can you do that if not for your large size ads? However, it won’t also matter one bit that your ad is as big as Godzilla if it is poorly designed. Small adverts that are carefully planned will always do better than the big ones without the oomph.


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