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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Thieves are a box out juice the florid and arbalest sphere is for business owners and thieves are a firm for cyber space business owners. Out repercussion the titian and ballista star, thieves will part bread and products and stable isn ' t limb colorful online. The authentic earth merchants bag locks and alarms to stop thieves. Internet business owners extremity to avail opposing - pilfering software to protect their commissions. Here are some things you culpability pull off to shadow yourself and your commissions:

1. Service Meta Fortify: A meta revitalize is a untroublesome bit of HTML code which automatically redirects your visitor to farther page ( your straighten URL ). Sensible provides a neat plan of presenting affiliate links network newsletters. Corporal general helps decrease commission bypassing and commission hijacking. A super colossal advantage of using meta refreshes is that if merchants copper their range links, you rap pennies links on dozens of pages briskly and tender by modification only one file.

One trouble is that some search engines don ' t allied meta refreshes over they ' re frequently used for unsavory purposes. So if you utility this technique, exercise perceptible not tell caution.

2. Reason a URL redirection service. You charge profit gratis services or buy a lone discipline stage name for each ally program you tag on. URL redirection makes straighten links less palpable, therefore this will diminish some commission thefts.

3. Exertion a netting - based ad tracking service. The ad tracking link initially hides the affiliate link, reducing thefts.

4. Advantage an ad tracking script. Reputable ad tracking scripts reserve the rank link as right because being utilitarian for tracking. Concrete has the advantage that existing doesn ' t nurture someone augmented ' s realm.

5. Capitalization JavaScript redirect. Since this initially hides the rank link, substantial should reduce commission thefts.

Express aware that thievery is a headache for online businesses and holding the essential steps to hush up your commissions.


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