How To Make Money With Google AdSense - 5 Important Things You Must Know About AdSense

Monday, August 17, 2009
Whether you're just starting to use Google Adsense, or whether you've been using it for years, your success as an AdSense publisher depends on you knowing the following 5 very important tings about AdSense:

1. AdSense Can Make You A Huge Amount Of Cash. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that AdSense is only good for bringing in a few extra pennies a month. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, there's a good number of people making more money from AdSense than most of us make from our day-jobs, with the high fliers earning in excess of $30K every month from Google AdSense alone. Get it right - and AdSense can fund your lifestyle - and a good one at that!
2. Junk Websites Create Junk Income. The fact that it's possible for just one website to make a lot of money with AdSense, doesn't mean that any website can make a lot of money with AdSense. Actually, Google has algorithms in place to punish websites with 2. dublicate content, so forget about the "1000 AdSense Ready Websites" you can get for $9.99 on Ebay. It is important that you build websites with quality content that can attract users on their own merit. There's a great number of methods you can use to produce good content for your site (write your own - hire a ghostwriter or set up a forum to name a few), and you'll need to educate yourself on how to use them correctly, in order to create a site that will pull in real AdSense profits.
3. Your Choice Of Ads Matters. One of the first things you'll have to do when you set up your AdSense account is to choose the types of ads you want to display on your site. Next you'll have to decide where on your site you're going to place them, and how you want them to look. There is certain principles you'll need to know that encourage users to click on the ads. Your success depends on you following those principles, and following them.
4. You Can Influence The Ads Displayed On Your Site. This is a little known secret: to some extent you have control over the ads that get displayed on your site. That control isn't unlimited - but it's worth utilizing. It can be a little bit complicated, but obviously it has got something to do with keyword hot spots located on each and every website. This is definitely something you want to know about.
5. Your Stats Are Your Best Friend. The stats you see within your Google AdSense account may look a bit complicated and, let's be fair, a bit boring.... but they are jam packed with some very useful information that can have a massive effect on your AdSense profits. To make a meaningful amount of money with AdSense, you need to know how to read your stats. You need to know what they are telling you - and what they are not telling you - and how/where you can find out more.

Finding ressources that will educate you in these 5 areas, and following the advice of experienced and successful AdSense publishers, can help you to become one of them. Remember: Rome wasn't built in one day - and neither will your AdSense Empire be - but if you do the right things and keep focused, AdSense could be your gateway to financial freedom.

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